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RSI31 Micro Inverter

RSI31 Solar Micro Inverter features switchable single-phase and three-phase AC voltage, real-time data monitoring, and support for four solar modules. Its durable, IP65 waterproof design, high-speed MicroChip CPU, and multi-channel MPPT controller ensure efficient and reliable performance.

Features of RSI31 Micro Inverter

◆ Switchable single-phase and three-phase AC voltage

◆ Real-time/historical data monitoring and analysis

◆ Each unit can connect 4 solar modules

◆ Streamlined appearance/Acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance, High-quality aluminum alloy casing, High-pressure oxidation treatment process, IP65 waterproof design;

◆ MicroChip CPU: High-speed digital processing chip, More stable operation; Multiple PWM outputs, Large number processing;

◆4-channel MPPT controller: Multi-channel maximum power point tracking (MPPT) Capture solar light with high speed and precision, Let photovoltaic systems generate more power and be more efficient;

◆ LLCPower chip management: High performance PWM controller, Everything is under your control, dual-ended full-bridge topology;

◆ Stacked installation of multiple inverters: Multiple inverters of different models can be stacked and installed, Installation and connection are simple and quick; The current of each group connected in series to the AC box can reach 50 Amp;

◆ Multiple single-string stacking: No model limit, match as you like, and work independently without interfering with each other. The branches of the system work independently. Even if a certain path or a certain pile is damaged, it can continue to work.

RSI31 Micro Inverter Data Sheet

Output voltage mode120V/230V auto-exchange
DC Input
Common Module PowerMax 1x330WMax 1x435WMax 1x435WMax 2x375WMax 2x435WMax 2x500W
Peak Power MPPT Voltage Range30V-60V30V-60V
Start-up Voltage22V22V
Operating Voltage Range22V-60V22V-60V
Maximum input voltage60V60V
Maximum input current11.5A2*16A16A2x14A2x16A2x18A
Maximum input short-circuit current13.6A2*14A18A2x16A2x18A2x20A
AC Output
Rated output power300VA350VA400VA600VA700VA800VA
Rated output current@120V 2.45A
@230V 1.28A
@120V 5.9A
@230V 3.05A
@120V 2.91A
@230V 1.52A
@120V 5A
@230V 2.6A
@120V 5.9A
@230V 3.1A
@120V 6.6A
@230V 3.5A
Nominal Output Voltage/Range@120V 85-160VAC
@230V 180-265VAC
Nominal Frequency/Range@120V 47-52Hz/ 57-62Hz
@230v 47-52Hz/ 57-62Hz
@120V 48-51Hz/ 58-61Hz
@230v 48-51Hz/ 58-61Hz
Power Factor>95%>95%
Maximum unit per branch@120V 15PCS(single phase)
@230V 30PCS(single phase)
@120V 6PCS(single phase)
@230V 12PCS(single phase)
@120V 15PCS(single phase)
@230V 30PCS(single phase)
@120V 6PCS(single phase)
@230V 12PCS(single phase)
Efficiency, Safety, and Protection
Peak Microinverter Efficiency95%92.70%
Nominal MPPT Efficiency99.50%99.80%
Night power consumption(mW)<50<50
Mechanical Data
Ambient temperature range-20℃ to +50℃-20℃ to +50℃
Storage temperature range-20℃ to +50℃-20℃ to +50℃
Waterproof levelOutdoor Nema 3r(IP65)
Cooling methodNatural Convection(no Fans)
Power Delivery ModeReverse transmission, load priority
Communication methodWIFI
Warranty5 Years

RSI31 Micro Inverter Working Diagram


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