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3 Phase Off Grid Inverter

3 Phase Off Grid Inverter

Three-phase off-grid inverters convert DC power into three-phase power. A three-phase power supply provides three alternating currents with evenly separated phase angles. All three waves generated at the output have the same amplitude and frequency, but vary slightly due to loading, while each wave is 120 degrees out of phase with respect to each other.

Basically, a single 3-phase off grid is 3 single-phase inverters where each inverter is phased 120 degrees apart and each single-phase inverter is connected to one of the three load terminals.

A Three-Phase Off-Grid Inverter Advantages

A Three-Phase Off-Grid Inverter Advantages

The voltage of three-phase electricity is higher, which can drive high-power electrical appliances, and is mostly used in industry.

Three-phase power can provide a better voltage level and is relatively safe.

The instantaneous power of the three-phase motor is a straight line, which is equivalent to the average power and is relatively stable.

The efficiency of three-phase power transmission is much higher. At the same cost, the power transmission capacity of three-phase power is stronger than that of single-phase power.

Design Considerations for Installing an Off-Grid 3-Phase Solar Inverter

  1. The selected battery voltage must be consistent with the DC input voltage of the inverter.

  2. The output power of the off grid 3 phase inverter must be greater than the power used by the electrical appliances, especially for electrical appliances with high power at startup, a larger margin should be left.

  3. The positive and negative poles must be connected correctly. The diameter of the connecting wire must be thick enough, and the length of the connecting wire should be reduced as much as possible.

  4. It should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, beware of rain, away from flammable and explosive materials, and do not place or cover other items on the machine.

  5. Charging and power solar inverter cannot be carried out at the same time. That is, the charging plug cannot be inserted into the electrical circuit of the inverter output during inversion.

  6. Before connecting the input and output of the machine, please ground the shell of the machine correctly.

Design Considerations for Installing an Off-Grid 3-Phase Solar Inverter
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