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Raisun Solar Inverter & Accessories Wholesale

Raisun Solar Inverter & Accessories Wholesale

As a professional solar inverter supplier, Raisun Power supplies the whole set of photovoltaic systems to meet your needs.

The single-phase solar inverters, solar controllers, panels, lithium battery pack, and related accessories are designed to fast installation, easy operation, and smart running.

Raisun is a well-known manufacturer of solar inverters and accessories. They specialize in producing high-quality and efficient solar inverter products wholesale that enable users to harness the power of the sun for their energy needs. The Raisun solar inverters are built with advanced technology that enhances their reliability, efficiency, and performance. Raisun's solar inverters and accessories are reliable, efficient, and designed to meet the energy needs of users in different settings. They are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial solar power systems.

Types of Raisun Solar Inverter Products

Solar Inverter

Solar inverter is a conversion device that converts the DC power generated by solar cells into AC power. It makes the voltage, frequency and waveform of the converted AC power consistent with the voltage, frequency and waveform of the power system AC power to meet the needs of various AC power devices, equipment power supply and grid-connected power generation.
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Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter Accessories

Solar inverter accessories are essential components that complement the performance of the solar inverters in a solar power system.
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Solar Inverter Accessories
Solar Inverter
Solar Inverter Accessories

Why Choose Raisun As Your Solar Inverter & Accessories Company?

Stable Performance

In different working temperatures and working environments, the product performance is stable, and the impact of adverse environment is fully considered in product-design; Meanwhile, considering electromagnetic infection and noise, we also set indicators in product to meet different standards and user needs.

Strong Compatibility

Different types of inverters on our website provided by our solar inverter factory cannot only be compatible with solar panels, solar controllers, batteries, and accessories of the whole solar system under our own brand. It is also compatible with different components of photovoltaic inverter systems in other brands.

High Security

Inverter is most sensitive to over-current and short circuit of external circuit. Therefore, the automatic protection of overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit are the basic measurements to ensure the safe operation of the inverter. Raisun Power inverter has not only overheat protection function when the temperature rise exceeds the specified maximum-limited, but also including short circuit and phase loss protection function.

Easy Operation

Each set of solar inverter products will be provided with operating instructions and installation instructions. The equipment connection and installation need to be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions. These installation and operation are easy to understand. 

Diversified Customization

For each model of solar inverters, solar panels, solar controllers and Lithiunm Batteries, we welcome customization, including not only the LOGO customization, but also the shell color and LOGO customization.

Advanced Raisun Solar Inverter Products & Accessories Technology

Advanced Raisun Solar Inverter Products & Accessories Technology
  • Special designers make appearance designs, and design circuit board and inside structure of the whole product;

  • Automatic machine to make circuit and PCB;

  • Electrician SMT patch to assemble the parts;

  • Transistor Tracer to make testing.

Why Do You Need An Solar Inverter?


Provide stable and reliable power supply for electrical appliances. Solar inverters are not only DC/AC conversion functions, but also active operation and shutdown functions, maximum power tracking MPPT function, islanding effect inspection and control functions


The heart of photovoltaic system.

Solar inverter is highly integrated and improved power density, fast heat dissipation and low failure rate to assist the whoe power system.


The inverter has withstood the test of various environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, sandstorm, salt fog and other conditions, as well as the impact of various power grid and power consumption design.


The service life of PV modules is 25 years. Although the service life of inverters is not so long, they still try to maintain a longer service life for the photovoltaic system.


Raisun Solar Inverter Solutions

Inverters' solutions include residential, commercial, and energy storage solutions. Each answer is our mission to supply green life to the whole world. We offer different inverters connection schemes to various projects, and we could design any networks with inverters according to those three solutions and submit executable proposals.

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