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Solar Inverter For Car

A car inverter is a power converter. Its function is to serve the people in the car, so that people can charge mobile phones, laptops and other devices when they are in the car, and can also connect to electrical appliances with a certain power to serve driving. people's daily life.

The function of the on-board inverter is to give full play to the performance of the solar battery and the function of system failure protection. It is an electronic device that converts low voltage DC into 220 volts AC. Its specific functions include: automatic operation and shutdown, maximum power tracking control, anti-independent operation, automatic voltage regulation, DC detection and DC ground detection.

In the car, it should be noted that the car inverter should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. Be careful of rainwater and surrounding objects at a distance of more than 20 cm. Keep away from flammable and explosive items. Do not place or cover other objects in the vehicle.

Solar Inverter For Car

EV Charging Inverter Advantages

As EV charging single phase inverter is for home charging system, it is easy to assemble and operate according the manual. Here are some good advantages of EV charging inverter.

  • Charging in the off-peak hours, or you could charge at home, any flexible hours.

  • Check charging duration, charging power, and status on the display.

  • Not destroy the battery of the car, and inverter could assist the power to keep stable.

  • Satisfied different need to various models of cars

  • Set up an off grid system for the power charger, and reduce the loss of household electricity.