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Micro Inverter

Micro Inverter

Micro inverters generally refer to inverters with a power of less than or equal to 1000 watts and module-level MPPT in photovoltaic power generation systems. The full name is micro photovoltaic grid-connected inverters.

A microinverter, which inverts each module, is a device that converts direct current from a single solar module to alternating current. The DC power conversion of the micro-inverter is AC from a single solar module. Each solar cell module is equipped with inverter and converter functions, and each module can perform current conversion independently. China micro inverter manufacturers play a crucial role in the production and development of these innovative devices.

Benefits of Micro Inverters for Renewable Energy Systems

Benefits of Micro Inverters for Renewable Energy Systems

Safety: The micro-inverter only has a DC voltage of tens of volts, and all of them are connected in parallel, which minimizes potential safety hazards.

Intelligence: component-level monitoring, the working status of each component can be seen in the ECU.

More power generation: module-level MPPT has no barrel effect, which reduces the impact of shading on power generation; the low-light effect is good, the starting voltage is low, and it can also work when the light is weak.

Long service life: Usually, the design life of the micro-inverter is 25 years.

Convenience and beauty: There is no need to build a special power distribution room. The micro-inverter can be installed directly behind the module or on the bracket. Because it is a parallel structure, it can be installed directly after increasing the scale without changing the previous configuration.

Comparing Micro Inverter and String Inverter Systems

The string inverter directly converts the direct current generated by the photovoltaic modules into alternating current, then boosts the voltage and connects to the grid. Therefore, the power of the inverter is relatively small. PV power plants generally use string inverters below 50kW.

Microinverters invert each module. The biggest difference between microinverters and string inverters is that a solar panel installation with microinverters typically has the same number of microinverters as the solar panels.

Comparing Micro Inverter and String Inverter Systems
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