ShenZhen Raisun Power Technology Ltd.

Parallel Connection of Inverters

Can off-grid inverters be paralleled? Yes, our factory can provide off-grid parallel inverters. The factory can provide two kinds of off-grid inverters for sale, one is 3500W/5500W, ordinary off-grid inverters; the other is the same power but can be paralleled off-grid inverters, three parallel Together, it is equivalent to the function of a three-phase inverter. Our parallel inverters can parallel up to 6 machines. Please see the diagram below for parallel machines.

Customers who need parallel machines can contact customer service. If you use our off-grid inverter that can be paralleled, the parameters of its high output solar panels and energy storage batteries need to refer to the parameters after paralleling, and choose the correct power to match it, so as to fully exert the maximum power of the entire solar system.