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Communication Protocol between Inverter and Battery

The editor has recently collected questions frequently asked by customers, one of which is about the communication protocol between the inverter and the battery. Do both the inverter and the battery need a communication protocol?

For general inverters, we have not written the program of the communication protocol. Even if there is no communication protocol, according to the instructions, the inverter can be used normally when connected to the energy storage battery. Generally, solar charge inverter that require a communication protocol are suitable for industrial or base station inverters. Customers should explain the purpose to the customer service before ordering, and the factory will compile the communication protocol during production.

For batteries, the batteries provided by our solar inverter factory can recognize the communication protocols of most inverters on the market. Like the inverter, the energy storage battery can be used as long as it is connected according to the instructions. If you need to use communication protocols in large-scale industrial power generation systems such as power stations, you can tell customer service in advance that we can adjust the channel before shipping. In this way, the time customer can be saved, the communication protocol is adjusted at the factory, and the customer can use it immediately after receiving the goods.