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10200W 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter

The hybrid solar inverter is a high-performance power management system designed for residential and commercial solar energy systems. This 1-phase inverter offers a maximum PV input power of 10200W and a rated output power of 10200W/10200VA. With advanced features and reliable performance, it efficiently converts solar energy into usable electricity.

10200W 48V Hybird Solar Inverter Details

10200W 48V Hybird Solar Inverter PV Input and Grid-Tie Operation

It operates in a wide MPPT voltage range of 90VDC to 450VDC, ensuring optimal power generation from the solar panels. The grid output provides a stable 240VAC voltage with a power factor greater than 0.99, allowing seamless integration with the grid.

10200W 48V Hybird Solar Inverter Efficiency and Load Output Power

With a maximum conversion efficiency of 98%, the inverter optimizes energy production and utilization. It features two load outputs, supporting a full load of 10200W. The main load can operate at its maximum power of 10200W, while the secondary load (in battery mode) can handle up to 3400W.

10200W 48V Hybird Solar Inverter Off-Grid Operation and AC Input

In off-grid mode, the inverter accepts AC input with start-up voltage ranging. It has a wide acceptable input voltage range, making it suitable for different grid conditions. The surge power capacity reaches 20400W, ensuring smooth operation during power fluctuations.

10200W 48V Hybird Solar Inverter Battery Mode Output

In battery mode, the inverter provides a stable 48VDC nominal output voltage with a pure sine wave output waveform. It achieves an impressive efficiency of 94% in converting DC to AC power. 

10200W 48V Hybird Solar Inverter Physical Specifications

The inverter has a compact size and a net weight of 14.5kg, making it easy to install and integrate into solar energy systems. Its sturdy design ensures durability and long-term performance.

Specification of 10200W 48V Hybird Solar Inverter

ModelRaisun RSI24-10.2KW
Maximum PV Input Power10200W
Rated Output Power10200W/10200VA
Maxium Solar Charging Current180A
PV Input(DC)
Nominal DC Voltage/Maximum DC Voltage360VDC/500VDC
Start-up Voltage/Initial Feeding Voltage90VDC/120VDC
MPPT Voltage Range90VDC~450VDC
Number of MPPT Trachers/Maximum Input Current1/27A
Nominal Output Voltage240VAC
Output Voltage Range195.5~253VAC
Nomimal Output Current44.3A
Power Factor>0.99
Feed-in Grid Frequency Range49±1Hz~51±1Hz
Maximum Conversion Efficiency(DC/AC)98%
Full Load10200W
Maximum Main Load10200W
Maximum Second Load(Battery mode)3400W
Main Load Cut Off Voltage44VDC
Main Load Return Voltage48VDC
AC Start-up Voltage/Auto Restart Voltage120-140VAC/180VAC
Acceptable Input Voltage Range90-280VAC or 170-280VAC
Maximum AC Input Current50A
Nominal Operating Frequency50/60Hz
Surge Power20400W
PV Input(DC)
Maximum DC Voltage500VDC
MPPT Voltage Range90VDC~450VDC
Number of MPPT Trachers/Maximum Input Current1/27A
Nominal Output Voltage48VDC
Output WavefromPure Sine Wave
Efficiency(DC to AC)94%
Nominal DC Voltage48VDC
Maximum Solar Charging Current180A
Maximum AC Charging Current160A
Dimension, D×W×H537*390*130mm
Net Weight(kgs)14.5

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