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540W Monocrystal Solar Panels

  • Ideal choice for large scale ground installation

  • Selected encapsulating material and stringent production process control ensure the product is highly PID resistant and snail trails free

  • Special cutting and soldering technology leads to low hotspot risk

  • Sand blowing test, salt mist test and ammonia test passed to endure harsh environments

  • Optimized stystem performance due to module level current sorting

  • Highly transparent self-cleaning glass brings additional yield and easy maintenance

540W Monocrystal Solar Panels Details

540W Monocrystal Solar Panels Multi Busbar Technology

Multi Busbar Technology: Better light trapping & current collection to improve, effectively improve the module's power output & reliability

540W Monocrystal Solar Panels Linear Power Warranty

Linear Power Warranty: Made of first-class material which ensures 10-year warranty for material & technology and 25-year linear power output warranty.

540W Monocrystal Solar Panels Low Light Performance

Low Light Performance: The special solar cell technology has excellent low light power generation performance.

540W Monocrystal Solar Panels Better Resistace To Hot Spots

Better Resistace To Hot Spots: The use of half cut cell structure % special circuit design is less shade loss, with better temperature coefficient & thermal spot resistance ablility.

540W Monocrystal Solar Panels Adaptablity To Harsh Environments

Adaptablity To Harsh Environments: High performance materials are suitable for coasal, farm, desert and other harsh environmental conditions, glass surface is anti-reflective & easy to clean, minimizing power generation losses caused by dirty & dust.

Specification of 540W Monocrystal Solar Panels

Product Data Sheet-- Electrical Specification
540 Watt Solar Panels Model: Raisun RSP81Electrical Parameters at STCElectrical Parameters at NOCT
Rate Maximum Power( Pmax/W)540397.32
Open Circuit Volatge (Voc / V)49.7546
Short Circuit Current(Isc/A)13.6311.03
Voltage at Pmax(Vmp/V)42.0638.5
Current at Pmax(Imp/A)12.8410.32
Temperature Coefficent of Isc+0.06%℃+0.06%/K
Temperature Coefficent of Voc-0.30%℃-0.30%/K
Temperature Coefficent of Pmax-0.390%℃/
Power Tolerance0~+5w/
Module Efficiency(%)21.1/
Operating Temperatur/-40~+85℃
Maximum System Voltage/1500VDC
Fireproof Performance/Glass C
Maximum Series Fuse/25A
STCIrradiance 1000W/㎡ Cell Temperature 25℃ AM1.5/

/NOC: Irradiance.800W/MF Ambient Temperature 20℃ Wind at 1m/S AM1.5

Product Data Sheet--Mechanical Data Model: Raisun RSP81
Solar Cell(Type/Size)MONO(182mm)
Solar Cells Number144pcs(6*24)
Dimensions L*W*H (mm)2256*1133*35mm
Structure3.2 Glass + EVA film + Back
FrameAnodized Aluminum Alloy
Junction BoxIP68
Cable Cross Section Size4.0mm2, (+) 300mm/(-) 400mm
Mechanical LoadFront 5400Pa/Back 2400Pa
ConnectorMC Compatible
Packing Number30Pcs/Pallet
Packing Volume3.372Cbm/Pallet
40'HQ Container600Pcs

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