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Solar Inverter Energy Storage Solutions

The large-scale application of grid-connected energy storage inverters in photovoltaic power stations will bring benefits to the photovoltaic industry. Through the decoupling control technology of photovoltaic modules and batteries, the unstable characteristics of photovoltaic modules can be overcome, and stable and pure current with very little harmonic content can be provided for the grid, which improves the quality of the grid. Photovoltaic power stations can continue to increase the proportion of power stations.

(1) The parallel energy storage system can smooth the load fluctuations caused by intermittent new energy power generation, improve the daily load rate of the system, and participate in the frequency regulation and peak regulation of the system as a reserve capacity in the power system, improve the utilization rate of power generation equipment, and improve the overall power grid operating efficiency.

(2) The energy storage system can be quickly put into the system as an emergency backup power supply to improve the reliability of power supply.

(3) A properly controlled energy storage system can suppress voltage anomalies and improve power supply quality.

(4) The combination of energy storage system and electric energy conversion control technology can realize rapid control of the power grid and improve the static and dynamic characteristics of the power grid.

Solar Inverter Energy Storage Solutions

The Role of An Inverter in A Solar Electric System

Photovoltaic inverter, as the conversion equipment of photovoltaic power station, is the core device in the photovoltaic system. The main function is to convert the direct current generated by solar panels into alternating current for home appliances.

In addition, it can also protect the solar system, such as automatic operation and shutdown function, maximum power tracking control function, anti-individual operation function, automatic voltage adjustment function, DC detection function, DC grounding detection function.Advantages of Solar Inverters in Energy Storage Solutions

Advantages of Solar Inverters in Energy Storage Solutions

  • To realize the bidirectional energy transfer between the AC power grid and the energy storage battery. 

  • It is a bidirectional converter that can be adapted to a variety of DC energy storage units, such as super capacitor banks, Battery packs, flywheel batteries, etc., 

  • Improve the grid's ability to accept large-scale renewable energy generation (wind energy, photovoltaics), 

  • Improve the power supply quality and economic benefits of the grid. In the event of grid failure or power outage, 

  • It has the function of independent network power supply to improve the safety of power supply for loads.